Often times, before a business has a website, they utilize some form of social media to serve as a kind of identity on the Internet. These companies have already began the steps to make their brand more integrated in their users lives. Although this form of social media can be beneficial to a fledgling business, using a site like Facebook or Twitter to serve as your primary web presence is like showing a new movie in select theaters. Yes your movie is seen but only by a small audience. On the Internet, using social media allows your business to be viewed by many more audiences than just a single one or just a website.

The content you publish to each social network can vary to cater to a specific group, or to conform the particular format of the service. Using social networks in this fashion allows for promotions, teasers, or perhaps just another form in which your clients can read the same content found on your website.

While social media is a great tool to reach larger numbers, sometimes companies do not have the adequate material to properly utilize these other outlets. This is often the case when a business does not have regular blogs or promotions. The use of these networks might only allow greater name recognition, unfortunately if the businesses profile is empty, many users will disregard the company.

In order to use a social network properly, a business must identify what they will use each for. The icons below are some popular social networks today. We will identify the most common uses for each. VitaImaging can assist your company in styling your social network through properly formatted icons, logos, and color scheme; while also assisting in developing your target audience and addressing the content you could use in each.


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