Utilizing the Internet to promote your business is the
primary goal of a website. But how does a company get
people to see their website? Sometimes a consumer will see an advertisement, or some form of print marketing, to promote their business.

What if your business can not afford a lot of advertisement? This is where Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, for short, comes into play. SEO is the practice of maximizing the number of visitors to a website by showing the site higher on the list of results that a search engine returns. This is done a number of ways but usually involves the use of strategic placement and use of keywords by which the search engine catalogs a site.

For instance say you were to type “green energy” into Google’s search bar, “green” and “energy” are the keywords. A business named Green Global just so happens to specialize in green energy, and has utilized SEO practices on their website. Now, when you click, search Google will use both of the keywords you entered and match them to sites that use the same. Green Global appears on the results higher than those companies that might offer similar services but do not utilize SEO practices.

VitaImaging can assist your business in raising its search engine rating by implementing these SEO tools on your website thus, enabling your site to rank higher.


Using the latest SEO practices we can assist in boosting your business to the top of the charts. Notice the graphic above aside from the paid advertisements, our demo company is listed first! The same could be said of your business. We can also assist in the listing of paid advertisements. Both services include monitored traffic data and monthly to quarterly updates. We can use this data to modify and enhance your SEO services to make your business the first business people click!

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